If you want to sell furniture, be it old or new, you should know that the Internet is the best option you have. First of all, there is an opportunity to create a website where you will showcase your furniture. Creating a website is very easy and inexpensive. But, if you don’t have time or energy to start a project like this, you can always use one of the many websites that act as online marketplaces. We will use this article to present a few of these places where people sell furniture online for years.

  1. Chairish

The list starts with Chairish, a modern-looking Internet-based marketplace. It is good to know that this website has a strict policy about what you can offer on their platform. They are paying up to 80% of the amount of your sale and they will take care of the shipping. Another great thing is that they have created a special application for iPhone users.

  1. AptDeco

This website is focused on the residents of Washington DC and New York City. Over the years, they have managed to create a strong community of furniture sellers and buyers. They arrange pickups and delivery too. You can sell literally any piece of furniture you want through this website. Remember that most buyers are using AptDeco to find used, high-end furniture.

  1. OfferUp

This is more a mobile application than a website, but it is still worth mentioning. All the users have to do is to download their mobile application and run it. After that, they will get access to dozens of local people who are interested in buying (and selling) furniture and other items. There is a rating system that can help you learn whether you are dealing with an honest seller or not.

  1. KRRB

Now here’s another example of a great online marketplace. KRRB provides free assistance to anyone who wants to sell furniture online. What makes this website unique is that they are not handling the transactions and delivery. The actual deals are made in person.

  1. Lushpad

Finally, we will mention Lushpad, an excellent place for those who want to sell unique modern furniture. This is a platform where you will find rich collectors looking for outstanding pieces of furniture. If you have antique furniture, you will find this website more than useful.

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