FFXIV Splendorous Tools Guide – New 2023

In the enchanting world of Final Fantasy XIV, the gathering is not just a mundane task; it’s an art. you’ll need the right splendorous tools, to be precise.

Introduction to Splendorous Tools

Splendorous tools are the pinnacle of gathering equipment in Final Fantasy XIV. They are specially crafted to maximize your gathering efficiency, making them a must-have for any serious gatherer.

Unlocking Splendorous Tools

Before you can wield the power of splendorous tools, you need to unlock them. This typically involves reaching a certain level of expertise in gathering classes and completing specific quests.

Types of Splendorous Tools

FFXIV Splendorous Tools Guide

There are three main types of splendorous tools, each catering to a different gathering discipline.

Mining Tools

Mining tools are perfect for miners seeking precious minerals deep within the earth. With these tools, you can extract valuable resources with ease.

Botany Tools

Botany tools are a botanist’s dream come true. They allow you to harvest rare plants and herbs with precision.

Fishing Tools

Fishing tools are a must for those who prefer a peaceful day by the water. They enhance your fishing experience, increasing your chances of reeling valuable catches.

Crafting Splendorous Tools

Crafting splendorous tools requires a combination of gathering materials and crafting expertise. It’s a journey, but the results are worth it.

Upgrading Splendorous Tools

As you progress in the game, upgrade your splendorous tools to boost their gathering capabilities further. These upgrades are essential for tackling more challenging gathering nodes.

Using Splendorous Tools

Using splendorous tools is an art in itself. Let’s explore some advanced techniques for each gathering discipline.

Mining Techniques

Master the art of prospecting and striking to extract rare ores efficiently.

Botany Techniques

Learn the delicate balance of harvesting without harming the environment.

Fishing Techniques

Discover the secrets of the perfect cast and the thrill of landing big catches.

Splendorous Tools Maintenance

To keep your splendorous tools in top condition, regular maintenance is crucial. We’ll guide you through the process.

Optimizing Gathering

Optimizing your gathering experience is essential for efficiency and profitability.

Location Matters

Choose the right gathering locations to maximize your yield.

Weather and Time

Pay attention to the weather and time of day for better results.

Efficiency Over Quantity

Learn why sometimes gathering fewer items can be more profitable in the long run.


In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, splendorous tools are your ticket to becoming a gathering maestro. This guide has covered everything from unlocking and crafting these tools to using them effectively. Now, venture forth and gather with finesse!


1. Where can I obtain my first splendorous tool?

You can obtain your first splendorous tool by completing specific quests and achieving a certain level of expertise in your chosen gathering discipline.

2. Do splendorous tools break or degrade over time?

No, splendorous tools do not break or degrade. Once you have them, they are yours to keep and use indefinitely.

3. Can I use splendorous tools for all gathering activities?

Splendorous tools are specialized for mining, botany, and fishing. While they excel in these areas, they cannot be used for other gathering disciplines.

4. What’s the best way to farm scrips with splendorous tools?

To farm scrips efficiently, focus on gathering collectibles using your splendorous tools during favorable conditions. These collectibles can be turned in for valuable scrips.

5. Are splendorous tools worth the investment?

Absolutely! Splendorous tools significantly enhance your gathering capabilities, making them a worthwhile investment for any dedicated gatherer. The increased efficiency and potential profits speak for themselves.

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